Accepted Papers

Yes, we LEDBAT: Playing with the new BitTorrent congestion control algorithm
D. Rossi, C. Testa, S. Valenti

Investigating occurrence of duplicate updates in BGP announcements
J. Park, D. Jen, M. Lad, S. Amante, D. McPherson, L. Zhang

An Experimental Performance Comparison of 3G and WiFi
R. Gass, C. Diot

A First Look at Mobile Hand-held Device Traffic
G. Maier, F. Schneider, A. Feldmann

A Learning-based Approach for IP Geolocation
B. Eriksson, P. Barford, J. Sommers, R. Nowak

Web Timeouts and Their Implications
Z. Al-Qudah, M. Rabinovich, M. Allman

MOR: Monitoring and Measurements through the Onion Router
A. Demetris, E. Markatos, C. Dovrolis

Network DVR: A Programmable Framework for Application-Aware Trace Collection
C. Chang, B. Lin, A. Gerber, S. Sen, O. Spatscheck

The RIPE NCC Internet Measurement Data Repository
T. McGregor, S. Alcock, D. Karrenberg

Measuring and evaluating TCP Splitting for Cloud Services
A. Pathak, Y. Wang, C. Huang, A. Greenberg, Y. Hu, J. li, K. Ross

A Measurement Study of The Origins of End-to-End Delay Variations
Y. Schwartz, Y. Shavitt, U. Weinsberg

Influence of the Packet Size on the One-Way Delay in 3G Networks
P. Arlos, M. Fiedler

Extracting Intra-Domain Topology from mrinfo Probing
J. Pansiot, P. Mérindol, B. Donnet, O. Bonaventure

OpenTM: Traffic Matrix Estimator for OpenFlow Networks
A. Tootoonchian, M. Ghobadi, Y. Ganjali

Toward Topology Dualism: Improving the Accuracy of AS Annotations for Routers
B. Huffaker, A. Dhamdhere, M. Fomenkov, claffy

Evaluating IPv6 Adoption in the Internet
L. Colitti, S. Gunderson, E. Kline, T. Refice

A Longitudinal View of HTTP Traffic
T. Callahan, M. Allman, V. Paxson

The myth of spatial reuse with directional antennas in indoor wireless networks
S. Lakshmanan, K. Sundaresan, S. Rangarajan, R. Sivakumar

Internet usage at elementary, middle and high schools: A first look at K-12 traffic from two US Georgia counties.
R. Miller, W. Matthews, C. Dovrolis

Enabling High-Performance Internet-Wide Measurements on Windows
M. Smith, D. Loguinov

Characterizing the Global Impact of the P2P Overlay on the AS-level Underlay
A. Rasti, R. Rejaie, W. Willinger

A Probabilistic Population Study of the Conficker-C Botnet
R. Weaver

Quantifying the Pitfalls of Traceroute in AS Connectivity Inference
Z. Yu, R. Oliveira, Z. Hongli, Z. Lixia

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